Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Terrible Two's & Tantrums

I'm a godmother to a beautiful girl who has just turned two - the terrilbe two's! As sweet as she can be, a little monster emerges when she throws one of her not-so-little tantrums. It begins with high pitch screaming, then kicking, followed by flung toys and eventually mommy becomes a punching bag.

When toddlers throw there toys-out-the-cot it's very easy to give into their demands just to keep the peace. However this defeats the purpose of actually teaching your tot what appropriate behaviour is. Sadly so, there is no parenting technique that magically makes tantrums disappear. The good news is that your toddler’s tantrums are a childhood behaviour that she will outgrow.

It is not possible to get rid of your toddler’s tantrums completely, however it is possible to minimize them.

Stay calm and speak softly because your screaming over her screaming will only encourage your toddler to scream louder....ear plugs prove to be ineffective!

Express understanding; say “I know it’s hard when you can’t have that. Sometimes mommy also gets angry when I can’t get what I want.

Get down to her level. Sitting on the floor may help to even out the frustrating size difference between you and her.

Ignore the demand, continue to go about your business, try humming to make it clear that you are not paying attention to the tantrum. In the beginning this might make it worst however eventually she will work it out that she is not being taken note of. If you can’t ignore the tantrum because you at a shopping mall, call it a time-out.

If you unable to stop a tantrum don’t worry just let it run its course however try not to give into demands or else she will always use her tantrums to get her way.

....easier said than done, right moms? Time to show a little tough love!


  1. I know what you mean about tantrums.. I also have a god daughter ref that.. however, what is "time out"? Is it like the naughty spot on Supernanny and how does it work?

  2. Time-out consists of immediately isolating the child in a boring place for a few minutes. Some parents call it "quiet time", "thinking time" or the "naughty spot" like on Supernanny!For the young toddler, the best place for "time-out" is a playpen. Use the corner for older toddlers and preschoolers.