Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Super Baby Not Little Einstein

Following from my previous blog on "creating little Einstein", I thought it would be worthwhile to go through the first year "course load" of babyhood.
During these 12 months, babies learn have to form attachments to others, to trust, to grasp the fact that when daddy hides behind the chair, he's still there eventhough I don't see him.

They need to learn to use their bodies (to sit, crawl, walk), their hands (to pick up dropped items), and their minds (how to get that toy off the table). They'll need to learn the meaning of loads of words, and eventually how to reproduce them. And they'll need to learn something about who they are (what makes me happy or sad).

With so much lined up to learn, further academic extras may overload baby and even result in neglecting some of the fundamental learning areas. The best way forward is not to try and create a whizz kid but a wonderful child - one who reaches his or her full potential when suitable to him or her. This doesn't mean signing-up baby for classes or surrounding him or her with heaps of educational toys, but rather standing by to offer encouragement as baby accomplishes normal baby tasks, exposing him or her to many stimuli (stores, parks, beaches, zoos), nuturing baby's natural curosity, explaining how things work or what they are used for .

Providing your baby with an environment which is filled with songs, books, talking will boost language skills immediately.

Know you know how to put the super in baby!
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