Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How long to feed?

Many believe that keeping initial feedings short (5 minutes on each breast) can prevent sore nipples by allowing them to toughen up slowly.

Would you believe that sore nipples actually result from incorrect positioning of the baby on the breast, than length of feeding. So as long as your positioning is correct, there is no need to reduce the time your baby spends on the breast. Instead, follow your babies own nursing pattern.

Be warned, some newborns an take up to 45 minutes to complete a feeding (average time is 20 - 30 minutes). So don't stop baby from feeding after 15 minutes on breast one, rather wait until he seems ready to quit and then offer the second breast.

Ideally, at least one breast should be emptied at each feeding. A good tip is to fasten a safety pin to your nursing bra on the side you started with at the previous feeding, or you can tuck a nursing pad in your bra cup on that side.

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