Monday, January 25, 2010

Is leaking milk from breasts normal?

The first few weeks of nursing are almost always very damp ones, with milk leaking, dripping or even spraying frequently. The leaks spring anytime, anywhere, and normally without warning!

Because leaking is a physical process that has a strong mind connection, you're most likely to leak when you're thinking about baby, talking about your baby, or hearing your baby cry. A warm shower may sometimes stimulate the drip, too. But you may also find yoursefl springing leaks at very randon times, even when baby is not on your mind. Milk may also drip when you're late for a feeding.

Living with leaking breasts isn't fun nor comfortable but this is a common side-effect of breastfeeding.
Here are 6 tips to try to help deal with leaking breasts:

1. keep a stash of nursing pads on you
2. If you find you drip alot at night, line your bra with extra nursing pads before going to bed
3. Opt for prints especially dark ones, these camouflage the milk stains best
4. Don't pump to prevent leaking, it will stimulate more milk.
5. Apply pressure - you can try stem the leak when you feel it starting by pressuring your nipples or folding your arms tightly across your breasts.

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