Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jealous Pooch & Baby

Sharing the love and intention between an intensely jealous pooch and that tiny but threatening new human you'll soon be bringing home from the hospital is worrisome.
Though a little initial moping around my be unavoidable, you'll have to do whatever is necessary to avoid excessive jealousy and more seriously any aggressive reactions. Here's how:
  1. If you dog isn't already trained, invest in an obedience training programme.
  2. Get your dog use to babies now

  3. Get your dog used to life with a baby in the house - play baby with a doll

  4. Get your dog used to sleeping alone

  5. Take your dog for a complete medical checkup. Be sure your dog is flea, tick and worm-free

  6. If you dog's feeding station is one your baby will later be able to easily get to, move it to the garage or any other suitable place that doesn't attract the curious roamer.

  7. After delivery, but while you're still in hospital have your spouse bring home an unwashed piece of clothing your newborn has worn so that your pet can get used to your baby's scent.

  8. Be attentive to your baby, but don't act overprotective around your dog. This will only make your pet more jealous and insecure.

  9. If despite your efforts to prepare her, your dog is still hostile towards the new arrival keep her tied up and away from the baby. Just because your dog hasn't bitten before doesn't mean she's not capable of it.

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